The Elusive Push Up

To keep in shape you must continually set goals for yourself. Whether it be to walk a block further than yesterday or run a marathon goals keep us motivated and moving forward. One goal I’ve not been able to achieve recently is to do a full pushup with good form. I tend to focus on lower body work as I mountain bike and run,  but as I progress upper body strength becomes key as well. 

I’m challenging myself to start with attainable steps like wall pushups and modified knee pushups to progress towards my goal. If anyone out there has any tips or tricks to get me to my goal I’d love to hear them. I’d also like to hear your fitness goals and your plan to achieve them! 

2 thoughts on “The Elusive Push Up

  1. For pushups I would suggest even add planking a few times out of your day. Or go from a wall push up to maybe the edge of a chair or the end of your bed then the modified and before you know it you’ll be on your way doing a full push up. Another suggest I would say is do a 2 or 3 sets of push ups daily to improve your strength. If you have weights do some arm workouts too for the triceps and biceps. Hope this helps!

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  2. I used to be unable to do a push up too, but after practising it for a while I nailed it! I would suggest starting off with a knee push up, and then working your way up from there. A lot of it is about technique, so once you have that down it should hopefully get easier:) My goal is to one day be able to do a pull up and a chin up.

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