Pick a Buddy Any Buddy

Lets face it, working out can be hard to do.  With work, kids, a significant other, and a house to maintain you’ve got a million excuses not to work out.  I found myself guilty of joining the excuse bandwagon tonight.  I had come home after an extra stressful day of work, to a messy house and dinner to cook.  I’d resigned myself to a glass of wine and blogging, but luckily my persistent fiance dragged me reluctantly out of the house for an evening walk.  Even though, it wasn’t much of a workout, I knew I’d feel better for finishing it.

Sometimes they key to obtaining your workout goals can be as simple as enlisting a workout buddy.  You buddy will play a key role in keeping you accountable, pushing your limits, and making your workout something to look forward to.  Just make sure you both have similar goals and expectations from your workouts.  Don’t expect an Olympic marathoner to run your pace on a hard training day, and don’t expect a newbie runner to keep up with your half marathon PR goal.  Plan your workouts accordingly and aim for a consistent schedule to reach your goals.   Also, your buddy doesn’t have to be of the human version, a canine ready to run can satisfy your workout buddy needs.  Get going and enlist a buddy to jump start your workouts.


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